Rainy Lake Tribal Resource Management is a licensed and trained operator of light UAV‚Äôs. We provide aerial photography, mapping and photogrammetry services throughout North West Ontario.                                                                                 

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Basic UAV Service   –   $88.49 hourly               

  • Includes Aerial Video and Photography
    • .JPEG, .DNG photo format
    • .MOV or .MP4 video format
  • Unedited photos and video provided on-site

Aerial Photography can provide unique and striking images of home and cabin properties, project sites, existing structures and other values of nearly any size. Light UAV‚Äôs are perfect for smaller budgets, they are quick to deploy and offer high quality images. If you are interested in realising the benefits aerial photography can provide, reach out to us.


Advanced UAV Service –  

          First 10 ha                  – $221.24

          Additional 10 ha      – $70.08 

Completed by a certified UAV pilot and aircraft. Packages will produce an orthomosaic (an example can be viewed here) and a 3D model when available (shown below). Not all subjects are suitable for 3D modelling.

                             [sketchfab id="72f32613d16b49b8b5d672327749e8fa"]

Aerial survey and mapping services can be used to create DSM’s (Digital Surface Models), DEM’s (Digital Elevation Models), and geo-referenced orthomosaics for large land areas. 3D models of terrain, or target features and buildings can be produced using photogrammetry. The stability of the platform and ability to fly at low altitudes means the imagery obtained from drones often exceeds the quality of satellite and traditional aircraft.


Post-Editing –

          Photography        – $22.12 per image

          Video                      – $26.55 hourly

Editing package includes touch-ups, styles, color edits, picture/logo integration, music, etc. An example of our video work can be found below as well as photography work on our IMGUR profile, found here.


Private Training  –  $26.55 hourly

Have a drone and not quite sure how to fly it? We can help you out! Get in touch with us and come out to our launch-friendly site. Our licensed and trained operator will show the ropes of flying while keeping your investment safe. 

Includes guidance with creating and applying for an SFOC from Transport Canada, specific hazard identification, and operator mentorship. 


Additional costs for UAV service may be applied in the following conditions: 

  • Location access (water travel required? ATV?).
  • Distance to site (fuel surcharge). 


All rates are subject to HST at 13%.

Insurance and liability coverage up to $500,000.