Basic UAV Service  $88.49/hr –

Certified UAV pilot and aircraft. Includes full series of unedited photos and videos. Photos are provided in either DNG or JPEG format. Videos are provided in MP4 format. One complimentary photo edit included.

Post-Editing  $88.49/hr – 

Includes up to 5 edited photos (photoshop, image enhancement, cropping, etc.).

Video editing requires a 2 hour minimum purchase.

Consulting and Private Training  $105.99/hr –

Includes guidance with SFOC, private training with specific UAV.



Additional costs for UAV service may be applied under the following conditions: 

  • Location access (is there a road? is water travel required?).
  • The size of area to be covered.
  • Distance to site (fuel surcharge).



All rates are subject to HST at 13%.

Insurance and liability coverage up to $500,000 is included. Available upon request.